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Renewal of March 7, 2008

I introduce the good-place-known-to-few-people sightseeing spot by the living Japanese in Vietnam!

It is a rise about the newest information!

It is Vietnam and becoming the U.N. non-permanent member of the Security Council.
Furthermore, it becomes the country which can travel in comfort!
In the country which feels easy further and can do a travel by the WTO subscription

It is said that recently, the directions which change a travel place increased in number from China to Vietnam.
Is also it expectable from now on?
Of course, not only a Japanese but it is.
A South Korean, a Chinese, the people from Taiwan, and ぽ-る people's しん are increasing.
And also a tie people traveler's figure via Air Asia!
Hanoi and tie people,
It does not have and match well at all (bitter smile).
It comes out and is a paddle Chinese wealthy group.
A people from Taiwan rich tour group is モロハマリ.

it rode on シクロ -- fat -- a Chinese -- well, it becomes a picture . .

The Vietnam sightseeing information

The Vietnam sightseeing information
We send the sightseeing information on Vietnam to you.

Saigon Ho Chi Minh City
my to can to coconut village
Mangrove wood
sinh cafetour

Da Nang
Nha trang
mui ne phan tiet
bun taobeach
Fun run beach
whael island

da lat
phu quocisland
con daoisland
hoi an
The ruins county of my son
Furlong bay
Van hook village (silk village)
DNZ line

bia hoi

It is Vietnam and is golf.

It is Vietnam and is karaoke.

It entertains in Vietnam.

Some shopping is done in Vietnam.

a budget -- how much is it?

Eating-and-drinking cost is how much.

A hotel is ? NIKKO ? daewoo ?shelaton.

Is the food of Vietnam safe?

If the belly goes down.

If it is in a theft, it will carry out what.

The Vietnam sightseeing information

The Vietnam sightseeing information
The Vietnam sightseeing information

The link to muine_beach_vietnam.html

The link to este_spa_hochimin_vietnam.html

The link to golf_hanoi_vietnam.html

The link to golf_hochimin_vietnam.html

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